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Ohio unemployment cuts are nearing a Statehouse vote
Bill would bring solvency but drastically reduce benefits

Andy Chow
Ohio's unemployment compensation system is facing possible changes
Courtesy of STATE OF OHIO
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The bill that makes changes in Ohio’s unemployment compensation system has another committee hearing this week and could soon get a vote. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports.

LISTEN: Ohio Statehouse considers deep unemployment cuts

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The bill is touted as a way to bring the state’s unemployment insurance fund to solvency, but cuts benefits to jobless workers.

Renew Ohio, a new-to-the-scene, conservative-leaning policy group, is strongly backing the changes. Executive Director Mike McGuire says it overhauls a flawed system and helps the state avoid massive federal debt in the future.

“"I’d say to someone who is looking at this bill and saying, 'Man, why should I support this bill if I’m unemployed?’ is that we want to help you find a new job. We want to make sure the system is there to protect people while they look for a new job.”

Opponents say this bill delivers a big blow to unemployment benefits.

The state is still paying off a $770 million debt it owes the federal government after borrowing money for its unemployment fund during the Great Recession.

Listener Comments:

What about those that are laid off seasonally? My husband has been employed by the same company for 26 years and has been laid off (for the last 17) mid-January through the first week of April. This 'ohio means jobs' is bullshit as my husband is forced to submit a resumé and applications even though he is given a 'call back' date on the first day of lay off. He is a Tugboat Engineer, so we are inundated with job openings that require an engineering 'degree'. I think mike mcguire needs to get a real job and stop grifting off the tea party crazies before he is allowed input on who should have what job and when. mike mcguire an ignorant dipshit.

Posted by: Jennifer (Rocky River) on January 19, 2016 12:01PM
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