A photo of Joe Biden.

Former Vice President Joe Biden kicked off a statewide virtual tour of Ohio Tuesday with a roundtable discussion in Kent. The goal is to promote Biden’s “Made in America” plan and presidential campaign promise: a commitment to fight for American workers and to create more than five million new jobs in areas such as manufacturing.  Kent City Councilwoman Gwen Rosenberg, who’s a local businesswoman, participated in the discussion.

map of land
City of Akron

The city of Akron is asking developers to submit proposals to build single family homes on a 45-acre triangle of land near the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The wooded property in the Merriman Valley Neighborhood is framed by Northampton, Theiss and Hardy roads. 

A photo of the Kent campus.

A Kent State student has filed a class action lawsuit against the university for not fully refunding tuition and fees after in-person classes were canceled in spring due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The complaint, filed June 17 by junior finance major Caitlyn Waitt in the Ohio Court of Claims, states the university violated its contract with students by not reimbursing them for tuition and mandatory fees despite canceling face-to-face classes.

photo of steve burns

Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, August 4:

screenshot from the video Behind the Black Curtain

Chronic, maternal  stress is one of the reasons Black babies in Ohio are more than twice as likely not to survive to their first birthdays as white babies. WKSU provides insight through the powerful reflection of a North Canton grandmother.


East 4th Street

A restaurant group has come out with a plan that it hopes will help its industry and the state's economy.

mary ann kasper

Masks are the most effective weapon we have right now in our battle against the coronavirus.

Wearing a mask does take getting used to, and they are changing the way we connect with each other.

But people are finding ways to enhance our masked communication.

Everyone at the Haymaker farmer’s market in Kent is wearing a mask.

Afterall, they are required. 

Some were purchased at the Socially Responsible Sweatshop booth, a sustainability collective founded by Mary Ann Kasper.

screenshot of interactive county polling map of Ohio

A new poll that shows President Donald Trump trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in Ohio also reveals that Mr. Biden’s “strong” supporters here outnumber Mr. Trump’s, a snapshot of the state less than 100 days from an election that will determine whether Ohio continues its unmatched swing-state streak.

Voters Express Hopes, Worries Ahead of 2020 Presidential Election

Aug 2, 2020
Your Voice Ohio logo

Just months before Election Day, voters of all stripes in Ohio are at the same time both worried and hopeful.

They’re not sure who to trust in the media and government. They’re concerned about economic security for themselves and fellow Americans. They aren’t sure how the election will go down during a pandemic. They want honest leaders to come up with more fixes to serious problems.

Image By and Shared from The Cleveland Browns

This season, the Browns have joined an elite group of five NFL teams. These teams are among a few in the league that now have women in key positions on the coaching staff. 

For the Browns, it's Callie Brownson, hired by new head coach Kevin Stefanski to be the chief of staff. 

The 30-year old Brownson grew up in Virginia and blazed a trail to her current position.

photo of Coronavirus blood vial

Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, July 30:

A photo of Sherrod Brown at the Press Club

A new stimulus bill in the Senate may benefit a group that missed out on stimulus checks in March.  College students did not necessarily benefit from the CARES Act. A high number of students are still claimed as dependents and were therefore unable to qualify for the checks. Others qualified but were still claimed anyway and did not receive payment. Sen.

Picture of Cleveland blast furnace.

Here are your morning headlines for Wednesday, July 29:

Sean Fitzgerald / WKSU

Major League Baseball’s pandemic-shortened season is just getting started, but if television ratings are any indication, sports-starved fans are hungry for major league sports.

According to WKSU sports commentator Terry Pluto, without fans in the stands at Progressive Field, TV viewership is key this year for the Cleveland Indians.

akron's municipal building
Akron City Hall / Akron City Council

Akron voters are being asked to consider several proposed changes to the city’s charter in November.

Among the proposals Akron City Council approved Monday is a charter change that would require police to publicly release body cam footage and dash cam recordings of incidents in which deadly force is used,  as long as the release is allowable by state and federal law.

A Charter Review Commission recommended amending outdated language and adding new sections to Akron’s charter.

Picture of HEC sign.

Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, July 28:

Toxic: A Black Woman's Story / WKSU

Being black in America makes it more likely that you will be diagnosed with conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. It even lessens the chance that you will draw your first breath or make it to your first birthday.

In WKSU's continuing series on infant mortality, maternal stress is highlighted as one of the biggest risks to black babies surviving. 

A photo of the Portage County Randolph Fair.

Medina County Fair

The Medina County Agricultural Society Board of Directors met Sunday evening, and with the help of the Medina County Health Commissioner, voted to put on a limited fair Aug. 3 to  9, with only Junior Fair activities that will not be open to the public. 


Fairgoers will be limited to the Junior Fair participants and up to 10 selected guests. 

The board also voted to remove rides and grandstand events and limit concessions, free entertainment and merchants. 

A photo of the Portage County Randolph Fair.

As coronavirus cases rise again in Ohio, with 1,104 new cases reported July 27, counties across the state are faced with difficult decisions regarding their county fairs. 


On May 21, the Ohio State Fair was canceled due to concerns about public safety and the financial feasibility of hosting an event so large while maintaining social distancing protocols. The fair was originally scheduled for July 29 to Aug. 9. Last year, fair attendance was 934,925, with people visiting from all 50 states during its 12-day run.


Summit County Fair Set to Get Underway This Week

Jul 27, 2020
A photo of the Portage County Randolph Fair

County fairs in Ohio were canceled by the state amid the changing landscape of COVID-19 in Ohio. The state health department changed its mind about county fairs June 16, now allowing them to proceed while following health and safety guidelines. 


As the Summit County Fair prepares to open Wednesday, officials implemented the following precautions: 


-reduced programming and fewer shows to limit crowds; 

-elimination of the senior class exhibits, such as draft horses and canned goods;

Key indicator chart of daily coronavirus cases in Ohio

Here are your morning headlines for Monday, July 27:

A photo of Perry Nuclear Plant

The head of an energy research nonprofit in Cleveland hopes the corruption scandal surrounding a utility bailout will ultimately help Ohio move forward. Sandy Buchanan is the executive director of the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

She wants to see House Bill 6, the bailout that saved FirstEnergy’s nuclear plants, repealed but not replaced.

She said the bill is poor policy and holds Ohio back.

University of Akron
Mark Arehart / WKSU

The University of Akron is facing an August 3 deadline for contract negotiations with the professor’s union.  If the vote fails, the deal goes to arbitration for a final ruling.  The two sides are at odds after more than 170 staff were laid off, including nearly 100 union workers.  We spoke with the head of both sides: university president Gary Miller and union president Pam Schulze. 

a photo of the Ohio Statehouse

Both Republican and Democratic Ohio lawmakers are pushing to repeal the state’s nuclear bailout bill after this week’s release of a federal criminal complaint against House Speaker Larry Householder and others. Clean energy advocates say that would be a start, but more is needed to address eight years of lawmakers’ actions to slow the growth of renewables in the state.

photo of Eastland newspaper ad

Political corruption, moneyed influence, and Cedar Point are all part of a new documentary about one of the Great Lakes’ worst maritime disasters, which happened 105 years ago today.

Eastland: The Shipwreck That Shook America” is about the ship that capsized in Chicago in 1915, killing 844 people. Prior to that, it was used for many years as a ferry between Cleveland and Cedar Point.