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Gov. advocates "no" votes on local school levies
Kasich says more local levies should be unnecessary because of what he's doing for education

Bill Cohen

Ohio school officials have warned --if proposed cuts to education funding become reality, voters across the state will face a lot of ballot issues, seeking increases in local taxes. But as Ohio Public Radio's Bill Cohen reports, Gov. John Kasich is saying those tax levies should be unnecessary, and if they do pop up, voters should vote them down.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Listener Comments:

Funny how the headline doesn't match what was said in his audio. I'd like to see the full transcript too.

Posted by: Dave (Frankfort, OH) on April 26, 2011 2:04AM
The Governor is being dishonest. It does not matter from what pots the state funded schools over prior years. They have cut upwards of 20% in some districts with this budget. To not pass a levy, means massive layoffs or pay cuts that would be so huge that no one would seriously look at education as a realistic career choice.

Posted by: Charles (Doylestown) on April 26, 2011 2:04AM
How can anyone disagree with the sound bite given here? Big stretch for Cohen to apply it only to schools and not every other government entity. I'd also like to see the tanscript for the "hint"

Posted by: Tim Miller (Akron) on April 25, 2011 12:04PM
Can we get a transcript for this, Bill? I'd love to share it on Facebook. Thanks!

Posted by: Mark M. (Athens, Ohio) on April 25, 2011 9:04AM
Larry, that's not cuts, it's the SD lost revenue which includes loss of tax base from people leaving those areas.

I'd like to know where the quote is, or on what basis there is to claim that the Gov is "hinted" at wanting voters to vote against levies? No quote, no substance to back up the claim=crappy excuse for a professional journalist.

Posted by: Scott (Green) on April 25, 2011 7:04AM
Further evidence of the real agenda...destroy public education. GOP : Gut Our Profession

Posted by: Andy (Dayton) on April 21, 2011 2:04AM
Once again our governor is not telling all the real facts. i have posted the percentage and actual cuts below:
East Holmes Local SD -17.6% "$ 1,817,601"
West Holmes Local SD -7.2% "$ 1,633,649"
Chippewa Local SD -9.1% "$ 957,191"
Dalton Local SD -15.1% "$ 906,062"
Green Local SD -5.9% "$ 659,343"
North Central Local SD -3.4% "$ 511,093"
Northwestern Local SD -7.4% "$ 950,765"
Orrville City SD -12.3% "$ 1,481,910"
Rittman Ex Vill SD -8.6% "$ 778,128"
Southeast Local SD -14.5% "$ 1,402,410"
Triway Local SD -10.6% "$ 1,572,356"
Wooster City SD -14.6% "$ 3,841,245"
Total "$ 16,511,753"

Posted by: larry (Cerniglia) on April 20, 2011 7:04AM
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