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Kasich's debate performance hurt him in New Hampshire
New poll shows Ohio's governor was ranked worst in the last GOP presidential debate

The latest poll of likely GOP voters in New Hampshire shows Ohio Gov. John Kasich has not had the breakout in the GOP presidential race he’s been hoping for and was hurt by his last debate performance. Kasich is tied with Jeb Bush at 7 percent, which puts both in fifth place. The WBUR poll shows more than a quarter of those surveyed thought Kasich did the worst in the Nov. 10 debate among GOP candidates. Overall, the poll puts Donald Trump at the top, with 22 percent. But he continues to have large negative numbers as well. Marco Rubio ties Ben Carson for second with 11 percent. For Rubio, that’s up; for Carson, that’s down. Ted Cruz comes in at 8 percent. The poll was done after Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris. Still, only about a third (38 percent) support sending more troops to the Middle East.
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Akron says it's had no second thoughts about welcoming refugees
As governors call for a crackdown, councilman says  local cities who have embraced immigrants known they've been a strength

Last spring, Akron formally became a “welcoming city,” part of a national initiative to help local communities embrace immigrants and refugees and to build trust. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze spoke with an Akron city councilmember who supported the designation … about the impact of recent events and of calls by Ohio’s governor to restrict refugees coming to the United States.
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Here are the next steps for changing how Ohio draws its political maps
Advocates want to push ahead quickly with legislative redistricting

Now that Ohio voters have approved Issue 1, those who pushed for changes to the way state lawmakers’ districts are drawn have a new target. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.
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Getting to the bottom of Hamilton County's election-day problems
County commissioners vow to be ready for next year's presidential election

Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune is among those calling for an investigation into Tuesday’s election problems. A series of equipment failures led to a judge ordering local polls to stay open an extra 90 minutes. That led to a freeze on the release of election results statewide. Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Robert Ruehlman was worried some people were unable to vote because of software glitches and confusion among poll workers. Portune says an independent, bipartisan review of the election system is needed.
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Boehner's SW Ohio district will go without a congressman until June
Gov. Kasich sets the election for the successor to House Speaker John Boehner

For seven months, there will be no one sitting in Ohio’s 8th Congressional district seat, which officially opened up with Speaker John Boehner’s resignation Saturday night. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.
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Petition language for proposed minimum wage constitutional amendment approved
Stand Up for Ohio needs more than 300,000 signatures by next July to put the issue on next year's ballot

Ohioans who want to raise the minimum wage are one step closer to making that a reality. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports a state panel has given the green light to their campaign.
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Sen. Sherrod Brown endorses Hillary Clinton, backs budget deal
Ohio's Democratic senator says he'll vote for the deal when it gets to the Senate, likely in the next week

Sen. Sherrod Brown’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President this week leaves few supporters for his friend and colleague, Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont. WKSU’s Kabir Bhatia reports.
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Kasich and Trump disagree on who kept Ford in Ohio
Trump says it was his badgering; Kasich points to state tax incentives

A disagreement has broken out between presidential candidates John Kasich and Donald Trump over who’s responsible for keeping auto making jobs in Ohio. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports.
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Ohio Democratic Senate candidates make a rare joint appearance
Underdog P.G. Sittenfeld calls for debates; ex Gov. Strickland says it's too early

The two Democrats vying to unseat Republican incumbent Rob Portman in next year’s U.S. Senate race made a rare joint appearance last night at a party fundraiser in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Council Member P.G. Sittenfeld, the underdog in the race, called repeatedly for a series of debates with the front-runner, former Gov. Ted Strickland. 

Strickland, who leads Sittenfeld in polling and fundraising, didn’t mention the call for debates in his speech to about 300 Hamilton County Democrats. But he told reporters he doesn’t see the need at this point.
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Kasich lagging in home state in new poll
New Quinnipiac swing-state poll shows Ohio governor trailing Trump and Carson

A new poll of Ohio voters shows Gov. John Kasich is no longer leading the Republican pack here. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles has details.
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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's exit from the presidential race could be good news for John Kasich
Walker suspended his campaign after struggling to raise funds and generate interest

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s exit from the 2016 presidential race could be good news for Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Walker ended his campaign this week after struggling to raise money and generate interest.

Danielle Sarver Coombs is a professor at the Kent State University School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

She says Walker’s exit helps to thin a crowded Republican field.
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Fresh Start pot initiative turns in more than 200,000 signatures
More than 236,000 signatures have been turned in for the Fresh Start Act, calling for lawmakers to expunge marijuana offenses that are no longer a crime

The group backing the marijuana legalization issue this fall is looking ahead to a proposal it plans for next year.

Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles has details.
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Ohio will eliminate paper pollbooks
County boards of elections given the OK to start going digital

By the presidential election next year, all counties will likely be able to get rid of those big paper pollbooks voters have to sign before casting ballots. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.
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Hillary Clinton targets Trump at Columbus campaign event
The Democrat doesn't name names but says there's one Republican candidate she'd love to debate

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was in Columbus Thursday, and, as Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports, she took a jab at one of the GOP candidates.
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New swing state poll shows frontrunners leading in Ohio, but others are gaining traction
Poll focusing on swing states finds Kasich leading among republicans

The major party frontrunners are leading the most recent presidential poll in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. But Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler reports two other candidates are moving up in the Buckeye State.  
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