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Kasich's debate performance hurt him in New Hampshire
New poll shows Ohio's governor was ranked worst in the last GOP presidential debate
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M.L. Schultze
The WBUR poll shows the Fox News debate hurt Kasich.
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The latest poll of likely GOP voters in New Hampshire shows Ohio Gov. John Kasich has not had the breakout in the GOP presidential race he’s been hoping for and was hurt by his last debate performance.

Kasich is tied with Jeb Bush at 7 percent, which puts both in fifth place. The WBUR poll shows more than a quarter of those surveyed thought Kasich did the worst in the Nov. 10 debate among GOP candidates.

Overall, the poll puts Donald Trump at the top, with 22 percent. But he continues to have large negative numbers as well. Marco Rubio ties Ben Carson for second with 11 percent. For Rubio, that’s up; for Carson, that’s down.

Ted Cruz comes in at 8 percent.

The poll was done after Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris. Still, only about a third (38 percent) support sending more troops to the Middle East.

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