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This year, the political battle for Ohio voters is fiercer than ever. With a tight U.S. Senate race and mere percentage points separating the candidates for President, WKSU reporters are busy covering the story behind the stories to bring you the best information and help you make educated decisions in the November elections.

Brown delivers victory speech for win
Polls show Senator Sherrod Brown won another term in Ohio; Jesse Jackson came to support senator. 

Senator Sherrod Brown gave his victory speech after polls were tallied. Rev. Jesse Jackcson spoke at Democrat headquaters in support of Brown's efforts. KSU's Kevin Niedermire reports on Brown's win.
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School levies update
The Columbus levy, which might fail, would be their first levy to fail since the 80s

State Impact's Ida Lieszkovszky speaks with WKSU's M.L. Schultze and WCPN's David Molpus about school levies in Cleveland, Akron and other districts in Ohio.
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Renacci in lead
Jim Renacci is in the lead of 16th district for congress, but Sutton not far behind in the polls. 

Earlier Betty Sutton was ahead of Renacci, but now Renacci is in the lead.WKSU's Kabir Bhatia reports on the congressional race from Sutton's headquarters. 
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Obama's turnout
Big rallies and heavy groundwork has done a lot for Obama's turnout

John Green, a political science professor at the University of Akron, talks with M.L. Schultze about what has helped Obama's turnout in the election.
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Locals give point of view
Northeast voters divided on presidential candidate

The University of Akron Professor John Green covers differening positions on who Norteast Ohioans of the presidential candidates.
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Even before the big weekend, one in five Ohio voters voted early
Early voting is an increasingly popular option for Ohio voters -- even when it means standing in line

Early in-person voting ends at 2 today (Monday), and county boards of elections saw lines of voters streaming in throughout the weekend. But even before that, more than 20 percent of Ohio’s registered voters had already cast their ballots. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze spoke with some of them.
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Long lines of voters showed up this weekend
About a third of Ohio voters are expected to have voted before Election Day

This weekend featured marches, bus tours and , of course, visits by both major presidential candidates to ensure their core Ohio supporters cast their ballots. And WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports that based on early voting turnout, a lot of people were getting the message.
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Religion and politics are definitely mixing in Ohio this year
Religious leaders attempt to answer the question, "How Does God Want Me Vote?"

Many Christians are asking themselves “How Does God Want Me to Vote?” WKSU’s Kabir Bhatia reports that Christian leaders are trying to answer that question, and they don’t all come up with the same answer.
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Poll watchers as well as poll workers will be abundant in Ohio
Secretary of State says they won't be permitted to interfere

Lots of questions are looming over Election Day in Ohio, including who will be looming over the poll workers. Both presidential campaigns will have observers in the polls. So will groups at opposite ends of the political spectrum concerned about voter intimidation and voter fraud. Matt McClelland with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office says the observers will not  interfere with voters or poll workers.
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Short wait for early voting
Early voter lines are signifcantly shorter the day before Election Day

Today is the last day for early in-person voting across Ohio before Election Day. Sunday there were long lines at many of the early-vote centers, but today, being a weekday with many people working, the lines were shorter. Ohio Public Radio’s Bill Cohen reports.
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Provisional ballots may turn presidential election
Voters may need to wait until Nov. 17 if election gets too close to call.

The latest polls continue to predict a tight race between the Democratic incumbent Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney in Ohio. It’s possible the final tally of regular votes might not determine the election’s outcome.  In that scenario, provisional ballots could tip the scales in this important swing state. From Ohio public radio station WOSU, Sam Hendren explains.
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Dems suing Husted over provisional ballots
Poll workers can no longer fill information in the provisional ballot form

A federal judge in Columbus has set a hearing for Wednesday morning over the latest fight of how to count provisional ballots in Ohio. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted decided Friday night that voters must fill out the identification section when they ask for a provisional ballot, not poll workers. In some cases, votes are thrown out when voters don’t fill out the information completely or correctly. Democrats want the federal judge to order that those ballots be counted. Matthew McClellan, a spokesman for Husted, says he foresees no problems with the directive because the provisional ballot form is simple to fill out.
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Early voting, long lines
Bottleneck in Summit County 

It was a long cold wait for voters in Summit County today (Mon) trying to cast their ballots early. High turnout over the last few days has led to a bottleneck of people waiting to get into the one voting room at the county board of elections.   WKSU’s Mark Urycki reports some Democrats argue it didn’t have to be this difficult.
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Obama finishes final Ohio rally
Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen guest star Obama's last Ohio rally

With around 14 hours till the polls open in Ohio, thousands of people were gathering at the Columbus airport for a Gov. Mitt Romney event. Thousands of others packed inside Nationwide Arena in downtown Columbus for a final rally for President Barack Obama. Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler has this report.
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President Obama says it's now up to the voters in Ohio and elsewhere
The president underscores familiar themes for the middle class in his speech in Mentor

President Obama was in Mentor over the weekend, his first visit to swing Lake County. WKSU’s Kabir Bhatia reports one the campaign's dash throught the Buckeye State on the only weekend of early voting
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