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Government and Politics

President Obama urges supporters to vote and chides Romney on debate during Cleveland stop
Mr. Obama tells thousands at Cleveland State that Romney "tapdanced" around truth in debate

Kevin Niedermier
President Obama told thousands of people who stood in the rain for some three hours at Cleveland State University today that the economy is getting better, though more slowly than he would like.
Courtesy of Robert Sustersic
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In The Region:

Through a steady rain, President Barack Obama told a crowd in Cleveland today that he needs their votes to keep the nation’s progress moving forward. And the president took a swipe at his G.O.P. challenger concerning this week’s debate.                                                                  

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A rain-soaked crowd of about 9000 people filled Cleveland State University’s soccer field for President Obama’s campaign stop. Mr. Obama pointed to the new unemployment rate of 7.8 percent as a sign his economic policies are working. But his is Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, was quick to respond that those policies aren’t doing enough for the millions of Americans still unemployed. The president went on to chide Romney for his statements in Wednesday’s debate, a contest most observers believe Romney won.

“My opponent was doing a tap dance at the debate trying to wiggle out of things he’s been saying for a year. It was like Dancing With the Stars. No matter what he says, he’s a big proponent of top down economics. He thinks if we give tax cuts to the wealthy, cut regulations on Wall Street, all our problems will be solved. But he’s run into trouble explaining how that would work without blowing up the deficit .”

The debate’s aftermath was on the minds of the president’s supporters in the crowd. Dawn McDonald is from Vermillion.

“We need more fact checkers and more control over the debates. I don’t think everything we’re hearing is factual, sop the debates don’t mean much to me. I hope he didn’t lose ground because of the debate. It depends on whether people check the facts to see if what they heard was true or not.”

Rosie Brown of Cleveland thought the debate went well for Mr. Obama.

“I think it was a good debate because Mr. Obama has a strategy, he’s biding his time and didn’t allow Romney to make his angry on stage.  He stayed composed. I don’t think he lost ground, I think he gained ground.”

Some polls show the president’s lead in Ohio dropped slightly since the debate. And a theme of Mr. Obama’s visit to Cleveland was getting people to vote in what’s expected to be a close election. He urged people to register before next week’s deadline, and he urged registered voters to cast their ballots early. 

“You helped us end “don’t ask don’t tell,” you’re helping ensure we double fuel efficiency standards, You’re helping us got into depressed neighborhoods and create jobs by rehabbing foreclosed homes in Cleveland and across the country.  But if that progress is to continue, you need to step up and vote.”

Wearing a raincoat, the president spoke for about 20 minutes. Before leaving Cleveland, he made an unscheduled stop at the West Side Market which turned 100 this year.

Listener Comments:

Does unemployment rate, include the number of people who have not received benefits for several years but are still unemployed? I'd like to see some real honest down to earth numbers. But we won't talk about reality. That would hurt the campaign.

Posted by: Name (Location) on October 12, 2012 9:10AM
"My opponent was doing a tap dance at the debate trying to wiggle out of things he’s been saying for a year. It was like Dancing With the Stars. No matter what he says, he’s a big proponent of top down economics. He thinks if we give tax cuts to the wealthy, cut regulations on Wall Street, all our problems will be solved. But he’s run into trouble explaining how that would work without blowing up the deficit .” - and Romney is slanting the truth - no, he did not run into problems "explaining how that would work" - you just weren't listening -just as you didn't listen in 2010 when the voters spoke loudly - Romney won, but you/Obama can't admit defeat; however that's okay, the media is supporting you. -if you have a question, ask Romney/succinctly explain your problem with his policy/ies, as Romney explained his problem with your/Obama policies.
Trickle down government is what we currently have, and many people are not happy with eating the crumbs from the table of a bloated government.

Posted by: Chicken Little on October 7, 2012 4:10AM
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