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WKSU Pledge Free Stream Details

pledge free stream

What is the Pledge Free Stream?

During membership drives, a separate audio stream is made available that airs additional news and programming instead of the on-air donation requests. It is accessible any time WKSU is engaged with on-air fundraising and provides a benefit to people who have already made a donation

Who is eligible?

Currently, the Pledge Free Stream is available to WKSU Sustainers (people making ongoing monthly payments) and Leadership Circle donors (those giving $1,000 or more annually).

How do I listen?

The Pledge Free Stream will play through a web browser by clicking a link in your WKSU Member Portal account, through the WKSU Alexa skill on Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled devices, or through WKSU’s mobile app (which you can use to listen on the go or in your car).

Listening Instructions:

  1. For all methods, you must first log into your WKSU Member Portal HERE and create your password. You will need this information to connect your Member Portal account to the WKSU Alexa Skill and the WKSU Mobile App.
  2. For listening online, once you are logged into your WKSU Member Portal account you will scroll down to the My Announcements box at the bottom of the page. You will a Pledge Free Stream link – click to listen. The Pledge Free Stream link is available only during on-air membership drives.
  3. For listening via the WKSU Alexa Skill, say to your Echo or other device using Alexa and say, “Alexa, enable the WKSU Skill,” or go to your Alexa app and search “WKSU” and choose the WKSU Skill (the WKSU Newscast skill is a different skill that allows you to add WKSU to your Flash Briefing). When you open the skill, you will be asked to link the WKSU Skill to your Member Portal account. You only need to complete this step once. During membership drives, you will automatically hear the Pledge Free Stream when you say “Play WKSU.”
  4. For listening through the WKSU Mobile App, install the app on your mobile device (links for the Apple App Store for and the Google Play Store for the Android app are HERE). Open the app and look for the menu “hamburger” in the upper left corner. Click on it and choose Member Login. Follow the steps to link the app to your WKSU Member Portal account. During membership drives you will automatically hear the Pledge Free Stream when you click through the Pledge Free tab.

If you have any questions, contact WKSU Member Services at membership@wksu.org or call 330-346-5677.