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Starting a dialogue on Ohio's opioid crisis
Ohio has been one of the hardest hit states in the country when it comes to opioid abuse and fatalities.  The Ohio Media Project is spearheading a new collaboration among newspapers, television stations and radio stations, including WKSU, to change the way the epidemic is reported, combining resources to better serve our audiences.  This effort includes reporting on an area that numbers clearly show is struggling the most:  the Mahoning Valley. The goal is to not just cover the problem but present potential solutions to be considered and encourage conversation in the communities we serve.


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Note: This story is part of Your Vote Ohio, a political collaboration of WKSU, the Beacon Journal and other media in Ohio focused on reshaping politics and political coverage in Ohio this election year. 

Political campaigning and ads are getting more personal than ever, thanks to big data. In Ohio, the Senate campaigns of Rob Portman and Ted Strickland have volunteers whose job is to go door-to-door with iPads and collect data that will be used to create ads specifically targeting you this fall.

Ad lab at the University of Akron

Clarification: The list of options for you to check on political ads was incomplete on the earlier version of this story. The complete list is below. Also, Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania operates flackcheck and  

Like the cicadas -- only a lot noisier -- political ads are about to blanket Ohio and other swing states. And what’s coming is likely to be more negative, more misleading and more targeted than ever.


This election cycle, WKSU is teaming with nearly a dozen newspapers, radio and TV stations across Ohio to help re-engage citizens in the political process.

The project YourVoteOhio officially launched on Sunday and included a piece from Toledo Blade political reporter Tom Troy looking at the dynamics of political advertising.


Political ad spending has been growing exponentially in Ohio and nationwide -- especially among the outside groups airing more than 80 percent of the ads in the GOP primaries. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze spoke with the head of one of the groups trying to keep up with the claims made in those ads, as well as those made in speeches, debates and rallies.