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Starting a dialogue on Ohio's opioid crisis
Ohio has been one of the hardest hit states in the country when it comes to opioid abuse and fatalities.  The Ohio Media Project is spearheading a new collaboration among newspapers, television stations and radio stations, including WKSU, to change the way the epidemic is reported, combining resources to better serve our audiences.  This effort includes reporting on an area that numbers clearly show is struggling the most:  the Mahoning Valley. The goal is to not just cover the problem but present potential solutions to be considered and encourage conversation in the communities we serve.


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Ohio prepares to vote

Much of the country will vote before Election Day. Starting this week, our Electionland project has begun looking for problems that prevent people from voting.

Election Day is still about 10 days away, but some Americans are already casting ballots. About 20 states, including Ohio, and the District of Columbia have early voting programs. Ohio's began two weeks ago and includes two weekends of early, in-person voting.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton composite

Ohioans say the economy and jobs are the most important issue in this election.

Talk long enough, though, and the word “trade” comes up.

  There is a sense that cheap imports are behind the demise of Ohio’s manufacturing work force. Income numbers, at first glance, support the claim. Ohio, consistently among the top manufacturing states, had the second-largest drop in household median income in the country in the last 15 years.

Two-thirds of Ohioans Say They're Disgusted by Politics

Oct 25, 2016
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Linda Wattley has one word to describe America’s most reviled pair of major-party presidential candidates.

“Disgusting,” the Akron woman said. “They have revealed so much darkness in each other, and their choices in business and life, that it’s like you can’t trust anybody. You can’t attach yourself to someone and be proud and happy.”

Wattley, 59, plans to vote, but she really doesn’t want to.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton composite

Crooked Hillary. Lock Her Up. Basket of Deplorables. The tone of the 2016 presidential race may be the most uncivilized and disrespectful in recent American history.

But something else is different too: Many people are OK with that.

Republican Donald Trump was caught on audio tape suggesting he could get away with grabbing women by the genitals because he’s a star. Still, the multi-billionaire has the backing of 38 percent to 48 percent of Ohio voters, depending on the poll.

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The presidential race in Ohio remains a volatile contest that could break either way depending on how undecided voters and those supporting third-party candidates make their final decisions, a new survey shows.  

Democrat Hillary Clinton leads by 3 percentage points over Republican Donald Trump in the poll, which the University of Akron conducted for the Ohio Media Project.