A Word About Our New Series: OH Really?

WKSU covers a quarter of Ohio. That's a large chunk of the state, and we know there are stories out there you’d like to know more about--things that might make you go "oh really?”  

So we’re starting "OH really?" It's a new initiative that makes you part of the news gathering process.

You send us questions. We’ll seek out the answers.

What have you always wondered about Northeast Ohio? Maybe it’s how the Towpath Trail got started or where Stan Hywet got its name? How does jury duty work in Summit County? How did Ashtabula County become home to so many covered bridges? Why did the queen of the gypsies die in Canton?  

Ask us anything, serious or not so serious. We welcome them all and will do our best to answer your questions.



Ways to Connect

photo of First Ladies National Historic Site

The National Park Service is expanding its presence at the First Ladies National Historic Site in Canton. The site had been closed during the government shutdown but will reopen on Friday.


Have you heard your house making strange, loud noises during the recent bitter cold weather? One of our listeners has and submitted a question about it to our new reporting project “OH Really?” Russell Stanton says he’s lived in Ohio for 61 years and has rarely heard noises like this. 

Peter Paino from Paino Architects in Kent says he's heard them in his house too. He says it’s likely the top quarter of your roof truss or the roof rafters. When it’s so cold like this, they shrink rapidly and move.  

photo of vegan donuts

Have you heard of the Summit Food Coalition? It’s been growing rapidly for the past year under its first full-time executive director. This week, “OH Really?” explains the coalition’s mission to help feed Northeast Ohio.