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Northeast Ohio has a history of making things. Today, along with liquid crystals and polymers, it’s salsa and artisan cheese. A hot new food scene is simmering among local growers, chefs, producers, educators and epicures, and on every Friday, WKSU’s Vivian Goodman samples new offerings.

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It’s not Christmas Day itself. It’s the day before that’s most important to Poles and Polish-Americans.

Christmas Eve is the traditional time for faith, family and food. But in Cleveland  a couple weeks before the big day, there’s a sort of rehearsal dinner.

That’s where WKSU’s Vivian Goodman takes us for today’s Quick Bite.

 Three Ohio cities -- Toledo, Parma and Cleveland -- are among the top 20 in the U.S. with the largest Polish-American populations.


Editor's note:  This story was originally published in December of 2015. 

In these last two weeks before Christmas, home cooks are racking their brains and rifling through recipe boxes, trying to recall just how Grandma worked her magic for those traditional holiday treats. 

Every ethnicity has its favorites, and Italians are especially fond of cookies. 

In today’s Quick Bite, WKSU’s Vivian Goodman visits a Bath Township kitchen and an Italian grocery in Highland Heights to nibble a few.


Many Native Americans observe Thanksgiving. They just don’t celebrate it. It’s often a time for somber reflection on a sorrowful history, and always a time to honor ancestors.

But food is important, too, as WKSU’s Vivian Goodman discovered in a kitchen in Kent.


Editor's note: This story was originally published on April 29, 2016.

Cleveland’s restaurant renaissance has been widely recognized. But closer to home, east siders still argue with west siders about which side of the Cuyahoga River has the best cuisine.

Diners at a recent gourmet feast have cast their votes on the issue, and WKSU’s Vivian Goodman tallies the results in today’s Quick Bite.

Competition is fierce, but friendly, at the first-ever “East versus West” competition of Cleveland chefs.

Chagrin Falls Townie Opens A Place to Come Home To

Oct 21, 2016

Nostalgia is the key ingredient at a restaurant that recently opened in Chagrin Falls. It’s new, but the menu is retro, and the location's  familiar.

For seven years, the sign outside said Fresh Start Diner, and before that for half a century it was Dink’s Colonial Restaurant, a Chagrin Falls culinary landmark.

Jack Krissinger has renamed it North Main Diner. “I’m the owner-operator-chef-general crazy person.” 

He’s a Chagrin Falls townie from way back.