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The Path to Mental Health


Nearly a fifth of the people in the U.S. have a mental health condition. That’s over 43 million Americans and more than half lack access to care. In Ohio as with the rest of the country, the stats show mental health issues have been increasing over the last several years, and the state is either in line with or worse than the national average when it comes to those increasing rates. From May 29 to July 3, WKSU looks at the challenges that stand in the path to finding the support needed to find better mental health. The topic was also addressed in WKSU's Mental Health Fair and Forum on June 27th at the Akron-Summit County Public Library.

Navigating the Path to Mental Health:

Why We're Focusing on Mental Health: http://wksu.org/post/why-were-focusing-mental-health

Achieving Acceptance: Overcoming Stigma on the Path to Mental Health: http://wksu.org/post/achieving-acceptance-overcoming-stigma-path-mental-health
From Tele-Psychiatry to Collaboration, Ohio Tries to Reach its Mental Health Deserts: http://wksu.org/post/tele-psychiatry-collaboration-ohio-tries-reach-its-mental-health-deserts
Meds, Mindfulness and Motivational Interviewing: Mental Health Care is Evolving: http://wksu.org/post/meds-mindfulness-and-motivational-interviewing-mental-health-care-evolving
How Low-income Ohioans Can Overcome Financial Barriers to Mental Health Treatment: http://wksu.org/post/how-low-income-ohioans-can-overcome-financial-barriers-mental-health-treatment
Preparing Police To Respond to Mental Health Crises: http://wksu.org/post/preparing-police-respond-mental-health-crises

Bios and Information for WKSU's Mental Health Fair and Forum: http://wksu.org/post/information-wksus-mental-health-fair-and-forum

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