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Here are your morning headlines for Friday, Jan. 31:

large metal parts

Additive Manufacturing, better known as 3-D printing, is one of the fastest growing technology sectors.

It’s a printing process where plastic or metal parts are built-up layer by layer.

In this week’s Exploradio, we look at where the industry is headed and how Northeast Ohio is building itself into the nation’s additive leader.

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Prayer vigil at the Lordstown plant

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Sculptor Don Drumm works in his private studio almost every day.

Artist Don Drumm has been a fixture of the Northeast Ohio art scene for nearly 50 years. On this week’s State of the Arts WKSU’s Mark Arehart takes us behind the scenes at the sculptor’s Akron studios.


Kent State University’s overall enrollment is down.  That’s according to a report delivered to the school’s Board of Trustees at their regular meeting Wednesday. But KSU spokesman Eric Mansfield says there’s more to the story.

"We had ten straight years of growth on the Kent campus until a year ago. And so now we’ve ticked off just slightly; a little over 3 percent year-to-year.  But our Kent Campus numbers are extremely healthy.  We’re at 27,143.  But what we’re seeing is a full-time freshman class that’s the largest we’ve ever seen.”

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Students at Youngstown State University are casting ballots this week on whether to impose a new fee in exchange for increased access to healthcare on campus.

The $34-a-semester fee was proposed by university officials to the university's Student Government Association earlier this year. It voted in February to include the initiative on its April election ballot.

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Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, March 15:

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A Youngstown State University student group focused on city revitalization is doing its part to make downtown safer for pedestrians. The group, YSUscape, has installed what it calls “Crosswalk Buckets,” which hold brightly colored flags that pedestrians can wave while crossing the street.

Michael Hripko, the group’s faculty adviser, says he hopes the project benefits both students and residents in the downtown community.

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Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, November 30th:

Youngstown State University is considering increasing tuition and fees for next year’s freshman class, despite a two-year tuition freeze approved by lawmakers in the state's current budget.

The university is relying on a 2013 law to implement a 6 percent increase for students who enroll next fall; the university would then freeze that rate, guaranteeing the class would pay the same price through their four years of school.

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Here are your morning headlines for Friday, September 15th:

S Max 3D printer
The ExOne Company

Additive manufacturing — commonly called 3D printing — is a fast-growing technology in northeast Ohio.  And Tuesday it got bigger, literally. 

“Sixteen tons and what you get?”  A 22-foot long high-tech machine that creates sophisticated sand-casting molds for complex metal parts.   

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Youngstown State University

Despite Ohio State’s big loss in the Fiesta Bowl national semi-final game, there’s still an Ohio college football team playing for a national title this weekend. WKSU commentator Terry Pluto talks about how the Youngstown State Penguins overcame the odds to make it to the Football Championship Game Saturday in Texas. 

Youngstown State University could soon have a new budget which -- for the first time in five years – does not include an operating deficit.

The nearly $170 million budget freezes undergraduate tuition for the second year, and also freezes about 100 fees for the next academic year. The YSU Finance Committee passed it this week and the full board votes later this month.

Youngstown State spokesman Ron Cole says the budget assumes stable enrollment and a slight increase in state funding.

YSU campus entrance
TIm Rudell / WKSU

This week, Youngstown State president Jim Tressel announced plans for improving links between the campus and downtown Youngstown.  

They involve partnerships with local business and government, funded by gifts, donations and grants. 

In an interview with WKSU’s Tim Rudell, Tressel said the idea is to enhance the appeal of the university to broader range of prospective students -- and to do so by being active in a region-wide effort to drive economic development and a better quality of life.

YSU Export Internship Class of 2015

To help Ohio businesses expand their horizons, the state and two major universities have come together to offer special “export” internships.