Youngstown City School District

The incoming Youngstown Schools CEO says his priorities will be students and giving some control back to the elected school board.

The Academic Distress Commission appointed Justin Jennings to lead Youngstown's schools after Khris Mohip announced he will leave when his contract expires July 31st.

Jennings, a Michigan native, told the Youngstown Vindicator he read at a third grade level when he graduated high school. There are many reasons students aren't learning, he says, and as CEO he will not make excuses but rather try and address all the needs of the child.

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The bill to overhaul the state’s education system and hand more control over to the governor’s office is getting its first committee hearing. Opponents say this measure strips away local control and one senator sees similarities to another controversial bill from a few years ago.

In June 2015, lawmakers added last minute changes to a bill that led to the Youngstown City School District takeover by the state.

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Youngstown Schools Looks for New Math Teachers

Aug 9, 2017

Youngstown City Schools are looking to hire six high school math teachers for the coming school year, and they’re willing to negotiate when it comes to salary.

Schools CEO Krish Mohip says the district’s math teacher shortage is a common problem around the country.

Quality education. It’s what parents want for their kids. Education leaders and state lawmakers say they want the same. Still, many Ohio schools lag behind.

In October of 2015, House Bill 70 passed amid controversy as an intervention for the state’s persistently failing schools.

Ohio Will Take over Lorain Schools

Nov 13, 2016
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A second Ohio school district will follow in Youngstown’s footsteps. The state is taking control of the low-performing Lorain City School District


The law that engineered the state takeover of Youngstown schools remains controversial. But, as WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports, the biggest result so far is not.



Youngstown Meets Its Powerful New CEO

Jun 7, 2016
Krish Mohip

  A new CEO took over Youngstown City Schools today. StateImpact Ohio’s Michelle Faust reports a crowd of hundreds gathered to meet the former Chicago school administrator.

It was the first time Youngstown residents met their new CEO Krish Mohip, and he tried to alleviate their concerns.  He says he’s not planning to privatize the city’s schools. 

“I’ve never seen a district just outsource all schools to charters and say this is how we’re going to work. It’s kind of the antithesis of what I’ve done.”