William McKinley

Former Vice President Joe Biden has begun making a few cautious forays back onto the campaign trail. But generally, even as President Donald Trump stumps around the country, Biden is remaining close to his Delaware home as the pandemic has forced him into a kind of virtual front-porch campaign. You have to go back more than a century for the last time two candidates brought such different approaches to campaigning. 

Canton Will Get Another Piece of McKinley History

Feb 22, 2019
photo of McKinley statue

Citizens of Arcata, California voted last year to remove a statue of former President William McKinley from the city’s town square. When Canton’s mayor learned about this, he offered to take the statue. 

The statue had been in Arcata since 1906 but had been the subject of controversy. Some voters saw it as a symbol of imperialism; others said the former president had no connection to their city.

photo of downtown Canton, Ohio

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McKinley's front-porch campaign

Karl Rove – the Fox News analyst and architect of George W. Bush’s political victories -- was standing literally in the shadow of the McKinley Monument last weekend. He was in Canton to press the point of his new book: that the modern GOP has a lot to learn from one of Ohio’s often overlooked presidents. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze has more on why Rove sees William McKinley as a better model for these political times than Donald Trump.