Wendy Patton

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There are no tax cuts in Gov. Mike DeWine’s first budget. Lawmakers may change that when they introduce their version of it soon. But they probably won’t change the $19.2 billion in tax credits and loopholes in it. Two politically opposite researchers are concerned about those tax breaks.

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State lawmakers have said they want an income tax cut in the upcoming budget, but Gov. Mike DeWine wants them to invest big money in children’s initiatives and the opioid crisis. That has some looking in and out of state for money so they can do both. 

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Tax reforms in the state in recent years have resulted in some big tax breaks for small businesses owners. But a new study shows tens of thousands of them might also be taking advantage of tax breaks that were meant to help the state’s poorest residents. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports.


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A panel of six lawmakers charged with looking at some of the $9 billion in state tax breaks has recommended none of them be eliminated or cut back for now. Though nothing has changed, it seems few involved in the process are pleased.

Two years ago, every member of the Ohio legislature voted to create the Tax Review Expenditure Committee. It would look at all 129 loopholes, breaks and credits in the state tax code over the next eight years.