water levels

Here are your morning headlines for Friday, March 6:

kayakers in the Cuyahoga River

Heavy rain this spring pushed local waterways to higher-than normal levels, and listener Patrick Pierquet from Wooster asks “OH Really?” how that could affect wildlife.

A photo of Leesville Lake

Lakes in the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District are reaching record levels. That means there are some restrictions for boaters who plan to enjoy the water on the Fourth of July.

Lake Erie Hits Highest Average Levels Since 1918

Jun 11, 2019
View of Lake Erie

Lake Erie has been breaking water level records over the past month. In May, the lake hit its highest average monthly water level since 1918.

Scott Hardy is an extension educator for the Ohio Sea Grant College Program. He says the lake is about 30 inches above normal and while water level change is a natural cycle, recent research shows that climate change has contributed.

Map of Ohio congressional districts

Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, May 7:

photo of Lake Erie

Water levels in Lake Erie this summer are much higher than last year, and that’s beginning to cause problems. 

By this time of year, Lake Erie usually reaches its peak water level, beginning a seasonal decline with drier conditions.  

But this year has been a rare one -- Lake Erie was about 20 inches above its long term precipitation average. Lake levels of all five Great Lakes are higher this year than they were a year ago.  

With intermittent storms forecast for the next week, Lake Erie may be closer to reaching record highs.