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Here are your morning headlines for Wednesday, Oct. 16

Hydrogen Powered Car Company Coming to Mahoning Valley

Sep 4, 2019
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A Warren native is bringing an innovative car company he developed in California back to the Mahoning Valley.

The Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center (TBEIC) will introduce Angelo Kafantaris and his company Hyperion Motors during a press conference Thursday morning.


Here are your morning headlines for Monday, September 2:

Ten years ago, the fracking industry was already booming in Pennsylvania, but people in Ohio were just starting to hear about it. Many were excited that it would help eastern Ohio's struggling rural economy. 

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Here are your morning headlines for Monday, November 19:

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Ohio’s gubernatorial candidates – Mike DeWine and Richard Cordray -- have plans for improving life in Ohio. How do those plans square with what Ohioans say they need?

The candidates, campaigns and voters steeped in politics may be surprised.

The Mission

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A new lab at an energy incubator in downtown Warren is hoping to bring in startups and entrepreneurs from around the country.  The Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center (TBEIC) unveiled its new battery testing lab Thursday, which can simulate blackouts or test life expectancy of power sources.

Rick Stockburger, vice president of TBEIC, says they’ll be mentoring energy companies that deal with everything from the power grid to energy storage.

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A recent bankruptcy court ruling could clear the way for the sale of the Packard-Delphi industrial site in Warren. 

Former Warren native Christopher Alan owns AutoParkit. The international automated garage company is expanding and he wants its manufacturing to be at the old Packard site. But, he’s been unable to buy it from the local owner. Now, that owner is out of the picture. Following a bankruptcy filing a trustee is in control of selling the property.  

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Kent State University

Emelia Sherin is a current student at Kent State University and co-creator of the play (In)dependent, The Heroin Project. The play deals with the opioid addiction crisis in her hometown of Warren, Ohio.

Warren Police Are Strained, but Empathetic During OD Crisis

Oct 23, 2017
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Hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the Mahoning Valley have been revived from  accidental drug overdoses in the last few years by a dose of Narcan from a police officer. And those officers are spending much more time administering the life-saving drug while on the job, local officers say.

Christopher Alan
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A California company has dropped its plan to buy the old Packard Electric plant in Warren.  However Autoparkit, which builds robotic parking garage systems, is still planning to set up operations in the city. 

West  Coost entrepreneur Christopher Alan grew up in Warren. When he decided the old Packard plant back home would be a good place to make his automation he tried to buy it. Last month the deal fell through.