photo of Lake Erie

Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, Jan. 18:

photo of carbon emissions

A group of Northeast states is taking issue with industrial pollution drifting in from the south and Midwest. New York and seven others are suing the U.S. EPA to add Ohio and eight other states to the Ozone Transport Region.

Coal-fired, Sammis Power Plant
NYttend / Wikipedia

The Ohio EPA is welcoming word that U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt wants to repeal the national power plant emissions regulations written during the Obama Administration.


The Clean Power Plan never actually took effect because 28 states went to court to block it, arguing that it unfairly and illegally targeted coal-fired energy production. Ohio was among them as state EPA spokeswoman Heidi Griesmer explains.

Photo of dangerous algae bloom in Lake Erie

A new report outlines specific risks to Ohio if proposed federal budget cuts to the U.S. EPA become a reality.

The Environmental Defense Fund study says both tourism and public health would be impacted by the cuts, which range from programs to improve water quality to studies on the effects of air pollution.

Canada-United States Collaboration for Great Lakes Water Quality

A new report on the health of the Great Lakes shows a grim outlook for Lake Erie.

The Canada-United States Collaboration for Great Lakes Water Quality says Lake Erie’s general health is in poor and deteriorating -- due to problems like harmful algae blooms.