Akron green storm water system design

Akron officials are awaiting approval from a federal court on proposed money-saving modifications to the city’s massive sewer project. The US and Ohio EPAs approved the changes last year.

Akron, like many cities across the nation, is under a federal mandate to update its infrastructure to stop old sewers from releasing combined storm water and sewage into the Cuyahoga River by 2028. 

Kent State University professor Dr. Anne Jefferson is not a federal employee, but she and other science professors and researchers at universities across the Great Lakes say they’re being affected by the partial government shutdown.

“We can’t get data, we can’t talk to collaborators, we can’t get answers from program officers,” said Jefferson.

She uses data from the National Weather Service and other federal agencies in her hydrology class – teaching her students how to use data to solve water resource management issues.

photo of Tunnel Boring Machine Known As Rosie

Akron’s billion-dollar sewer project reached a major milestone in 2018 and is slated for completion this year.