urban blight

Sage Lewis in the tent city
Tim Rudell / WKSU

The Second Chance Village in Akron is going away.  But the founder of the homeless encampment, and his charity that has been supporting the tent city, are not. 

Since Akron city council voted not to allow a zoning variance for Second Chance Village, local realtor and auctioneer Sage Lewis, who sponsored the camp, has been looking for an alternative. 

Air Force demolition crew trains and helps the city at the same time

A bill to increase funding for urban blight cleanup across the country is now before Congress.  Democrat Tim Ryan of Ohio and Republican William McKinley of West Virginia introduced it Tuesday.

The Clean Up Our Neighborhoods Act of 2018 authorizes federal grants to support and amplify local community blight clearing efforts.

photo of Youngstown

The strategy of tearing down or shuttering parts of a city hit by severe population loss first gained national notice in northeast Ohio.  And, a dozen years after Youngstown began “right sizing” itself, the program is still going on.

With a population that has shrunk in the past forty years from over 150-thousand to less than 70-thousand, Youngstown has a lot of abandoned property.