Trump Administration

A photo of the Kent campus.

This week the Trump administration announced that international students must take an in person class in the fall, or they will have to leave the United States. 

A photo of Sherrod Brown at the Press Club

Sen. Sherrod Brown wants to hold President Donald Trump to comments he made recently on a Toledo radio show. Trump acknowledged his election was due in part to promises made about American manufacturing jobs and said Americans should make the products we use.

Brown says his American Cars, American Jobs Act would support that effort. He wrote the President last week asking him to support the bill, which would incentivize the domestic production of cars. Brown says Trump’s support is integral. 

photo of Kent State

Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, Feb. 13:

Sherrod Brown

President Donald Trump unveiled his 2020 budget this week, and Congress is taking a critical look at his cuts to safety-net programs.

Ohio's Democratic Senator, Sherrod Brown, criticized $75 billion in cuts to Social Security disability insurance. In a call with reporters Wednesday, Brown said the plan will make it harder for people with disabilities to get the assistance they need.

Photo of President Trump

Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, Feb. 11:

SNAP sign at grocery store.

The White House is going forward with a rule that will make it harder for Ohioans in low-income counties to get food stamp benefits. The rule implements work requirements in counties with high unemployment rates. 

Brown Talks About What's at Stake in ACA Ruling

Dec 19, 2018
A photo of Sherrod Brown.

Enrollment in health insurance offered through the Affordable Care Act dropped four percent this year, and there’s some uncertainty about its future following a federal judge’s decision.

The judge in Texas ruled the law unconstitutional Friday over its requirement that people enroll even though the Trump Administration has repealed that mandate.

A photo of Sen. Rob Portman.

Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) expects increased scrutiny will extend confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh into the weekend.


While Portman and other Republicans support the nominee, some lawmakers say they have not had enough time to review the more than 40,000 documents released Monday. The documents detail Kavanaugh’s time working for the George W. Bush administration.


photo of Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence visited Cincinnati Tuesday to promote Trump administration policies.

The program at the Weston Hotel was officially about tax reforms, but Pence also plugged efforts to improve foreign trade, revamp immigration policies, and improve the economy.

"But the people of Ohio deserve to know, quite frankly, we've done it all in the face of unprecedented obstruction and opposition by liberals in Washington D.C," he told the crowd.

Drilling Crew

The Trump administration decided quietly over the holidays to abandon proposed federal regulations governing fracking on public lands. For Ohio environmentalists, the decision is big and bad news. For Ohio’s oil and gas industry, it’s a practical approach to regulation. 

photo of algae bloom in Maumee Bay State Park

This year included a few threats to Great Lakes health -- an above average algae bloom and an Asian carp sighting. But a financial threat also loomed over the lakes this year.

The year kicked off with a lot of uncertainty; with a new president, it was unclear whether funding dedicated to the Great Lakes would continue. And by May, the Trump administration made its message clear by zeroing out the $300 million used to clean up pollution, restore wetlands and other projects.  His budget also would have cut funds for research and conservation in other agencies.

Elvis Saldias, in the Ohio Statehouse, asks Congress to support extended protections for children who were brought to the United States while young and no longer have legal status.Credit Andy Chow / Statehouse News BureauEdit | Remove