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Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, Sept. 12:

Lakewood Makes Plans For Tree-Filled Future

Sep 1, 2019

Next month, Lakewood City Council will consider legislation to create an advisory group dedicated to protecting the city’s tree canopy. The idea actually originated seven years ago, when the western edge of Hurricane Sandy touched the Northeast Ohio lakeshore and downed a number of trees.

A photo of an eastern red cedar.

Kent State researchers have received a grant to study a type of evergreen tree common on the east coast that’s changing the landscape as it moves west.

The university has received $914,000 from the National Science Foundation to understand how the Eastern Red Cedar tree is spreading.

David Ward is a professor of biological sciences and will be leading the project. He says the tree's expansion has broader implications.

Cyclists planting trees
Coleman Group / Tree Fund's Tour Des Trees

A seven-day cycling tour that combines bike racing with forestry is coming to Ohio for the first time.

The 581-mile Tour Des Trees starts Sunday in Columbus.

J. Eric Smith, CEO and President of the event's organizer, Tree Fund, said the tour is about engaging the community in awareness of urban forests.