transportation infrastructure

A new study from a libertarian think tank shows Ohio could get $2.9 billion dollars right now if it did something that former Gov. John Kasich wanted to do – lease the Ohio Turnpike.  In the end, the state issued bonds to repair and improve the turnpike and all of Ohio’s roads. But this study says leveraging the road now could provide the state with an infusion of cash when the state is trying to dig out of the economic problems associated with the pandemic. 

a photo of Governor Mike DeWine and transportation and law enforcement officials

Gov. Mike DeWine is trying a last ditch effort to push lawmakers back toward the gas tax increase that he originally proposed – which they slashed dramatically. 

Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports he’s driving home his concerns about safety as the transportation budget goes to a conference committee.

Flanked by officials from ODOT and public safety, and holding a report listing Ohio’s 150 most dangerous intersections, DeWine thanked lawmakers for passing their transportation budgets – the House’s with a 10.7 cent gas tax increase and the Senate’s with 6 cents.

Valley VIew Bridge

Northeast Ohio’s infrastructure received a D+ grade in a report card released Wednesday. 

The Cleveland Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers collected data on transportation, buildings and water over the past two years.

They find much of the infrastructure, like roads and bridges, is aging and deteriorating significantly.

photo of Ohio Mayors Alliance

Mayors from the 30 largest cities in the state laid out an agenda they’d like to see Ohio’s next governor and new legislature follow.

The Ohio Mayors Alliance wants a home rule compact and a new state fund to benefit local governments. 

Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther said cities have lost important state dollars. At the same time, he noted more than 86% of the wages in the state are in Ohio’s metro areas.