Summertime is prime time for amusement parks, zoos and other venues. But the months of shutdown and the limits on operations – plus safety concerns from consumers – are all having a big impact on communities that rely on tourism dollars.

Tourism Losses Will Have 'Tremendous Impact' On Columbus Economy

May 27, 2020

Columbus has lost about $145 million in tourist spending due to the coronavirus pandemic.

photo of Clean Committed Undefeated poster

Starting next week, Destination Cleveland will unveil a marketing campaign designed to re-open the city's restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions.

a photo of Cuyahoga Valley National Park sign

A new study shows that Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) brought in more than two million visitors who spent more than $36 million locally last year. The CVNP’s community engagement supervisor, Pam Barnes, said national parks bring in $10 of local spending for every one dollar spent on the parks. She said she hopes to see more people take an interest in visiting national parks like Cuyahoga Valley.

“We like to feature this park. It’s a way to introduce the idea of national parks and as a gateway to national parks across the country.”

photo of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland has commissioned a study of the museum’s economic impact on Northeast Ohio. The study found that tourists came, they saw, and they spent.  

Visitor spending added up to an estimated $127 million last year. Rock Hall CEO Greg Harris says they weren’t just passing by.

photo of John Kasich

An estimated $43 billion was spent last year on tourism in Ohio. And the state’s tourism department is hoping to increase that number even higher this year.

Gov. John Kasich says big national events held in the Buckeye State have led many families to think of Ohio as a vacation destination.

“After the convention and people saw Cleveland and they saw it in a much different way, they say to their spouse, ‘ Well honey, we are going to go on vacation. Should we go to Maui in Hawaii or should we go to Cleveland?’ and Cleveland is starting to work out.”