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The Ohio Department of Health has confirmed at least 20 cases of severe breathing illnesses, mostly in young people. And there are about two dozen more cases being investigated. Gov. Mike DeWine wants to ban flavored e-cigarettes. Now, there’s a bill that would do that.

Kids cannot legally buy vaping products under current law, but State Representative Tom Patton (R-Strongsville) says they are getting flavored vaping products. He wants to ban the sale of flavored vaping e-cigarettes.

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NOTE: The story about the execution of an ill death row inmate has been updated. Alva Campbell Jr.'s execution was delayed after officials could not find a suitable vein for the lethal injection.

Here are your morning headlines for Wednesday, November 15th:

Once again, state lawmakers are trying to green light new rules for how communities can use speed and red light cameras, especially smaller communities that get a big percentage of their revenue from tickets. 

Columbus Democratic Rep. Hearcel Craig is going after communities without mayors’ courts that are running traffic camera programs. He says some violations come with fines in the hundreds to thousands of dollars which he says is “abusive and excessive."

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The use of red light cameras is one of those rare issues that doesn’t split along party lines. State lawmakers have banned the use of these traffic cameras unless an officer is present. But one legislator has again proposed adding even more restrictions.

Tom Patton


Restaurants around Cleveland will be able to serve alcohol later than usual during the Republican National Convention thanks to a law passed last year. Businesses have to apply as part of a qualifying major event.

According to the Division of Liquor Control, 437 license holders in 55 cities and townships have been approved for the extra hours during the RNC.

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A bill introduced in the state Senate this week would quadruple the tax credits available to filmmakers shooting in Ohio.

S.B. 289 was introduced by Republican Sen. Tom Patton of Strongsville. It would raise the available credits from $20 million a year to $80 million.

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The comments the current majority leader in the Ohio Senate made about his primary opponent in an upcoming House race have infuriated her, and many other people outside and inside the GOP. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler follows up on the flap created by an interview with Sen. Tom Patton of Strongsville.