phot of books on philosophy sit on a shelf in the Kent State Bookstore, Kent State University. Kent, Ohio. Thursday, Nov. 15, 2019

State lawmakers are looking at a proposal to eliminate sales taxes on college textbooks. Efforts to remove those taxes have not gone anywhere before but the lawmakers sponsoring it hope this time will be different.

Republican Representative Niraj Antani and Democratic Representative Bride Rose Sweeney don’t agree on much politically, but they say college students in Ohio often struggle to pay for textbooks. 

“College textbooks are a necessary educational item,” said Antani. “It adds up substantially,” Sweeney said.


Buying textbooks can cost college students hundreds and even thousands of dollars every semester. Some state lawmakers see this as a burden beyond already high out-of-pocket expenses. But now there’s a plan to try to lighten the load.

A House committee has opened debate on a bill that would exempt college text books from the sales tax.

Republican Rep. Mike Duffey says this can just be one step in the effort to make college more affordable.