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Here are your morning headlines for Wednesday, Jan. 29:

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Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, June 18:


Buying textbooks can cost college students hundreds and even thousands of dollars every semester. Some state lawmakers see this as a burden beyond already high out-of-pocket expenses. But now there’s a plan to try to lighten the load.

A House committee has opened debate on a bill that would exempt college text books from the sales tax.

Republican Rep. Mike Duffey says this can just be one step in the effort to make college more affordable.

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As the state’s budget shortfall approaches a billion dollars, a tax cut adopted four years ago is getting attention. The small business tax cut promoted by Republican leaders has saved business owners money – but has gained a lot of criticism in the process.


Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown is trying to spread the word about tax credits for low-income Americans. 

IRS records show that 27 million people claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit last year. Close to one million of them were in Ohio, where households got an average of $2,400 each. The credit typically is available to taxpayers making less than about $53,000 a year. But Sen. Brown says one in five eligible taxpayers fails to claim the credit, and free help is available.

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  The national Better Business Bureau released the top 10 reported scams of 2015, and tax-related fraud tops the list. Ohio Public Radio’s Andy Chow reports.

Nearly one-in-four scams reported to the Better Business Bureau were tax-related. The BBB says imposters would call people, pretend to be with the IRS, and tell the victims they would be thrown in jail if they didn’t pay them.