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photo of Mike Johnson

Officials with Summit MetroParks are moving into the final phase of a $7 million project which will restore nearly five miles of waterways.

Gorge Dam Project Inches Forward

Sep 14, 2018

A contractor has been selected to plan the next phase in the removal of the massive concrete dam that blocks the Cuyahoga River at Gorge Metro Park.

It’s an important step in creating a free flowing river.

Environmental regulators have long claimed that the Gorge dam keeps the Cuyahoga in violation of the Clean Water Act.

Behind the century-old dam is a lake full of contaminated sediment that need to be safely removed.

Designing that process is the task of CH2M, a Colorado-based construction firm with expertise in environmental cleanup.

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Applications open today for a unique artists’ residency in Akron that takes place this summer.

Whitetale deer

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s deer-management program is underway. It’s the second year of a four-year program to reduce the park’s deer population.

The park is using U.S. Department of Agriculture sharpshooters to help control the deer population. It’s collaborating with the Cleveland Metroparks and Summit Metro Parks to collect and distribute the meat to local food banks.

photo of Summit MetroParks

Summit MetroParks announced today a partnership with the Akron Community Foundation, which means a major realignment of its endowment fund.