Summit Food Coalition

photo of goats at Ferrum Moraine Farm

Raw, unpasteurized goat milk can be bought in Ohio for use as pet food. But between the teat and the street, farmers have to do a lot of work to make the milk safe for human consumption.

In this installment of WKSU’s “OH Really?,” we try to help a listener who wants to “drink local” and buy fresh, raw goat milk right from the farm.

photo of vegan donuts

Have you heard of the Summit Food Coalition? It’s been growing rapidly for the past year under its first full-time executive director. This week, “OH Really?” explains the coalition’s mission to help feed Northeast Ohio.

Summit County Food Coalition / Facebook

The Summit Food Coalition released its new food guide to increase access to locally grown food.

The Local Food Advocacy Day on Tuesday highlighted local farms, farmers markets and other local food sources.

Beth Knorr, director of the Summit Food Coalition, said the guide makes it easier to support these businesses.

photo of Akron Bee Co box

Some Akron City Council members are considering whether changes need to be made to ordinances related to urban agriculture, in the wake of an unsuccessful proposal to hike fees for beekeepers.

The city had proposed raising the fees for beekeepers from $5 a hive to $50, but after public protests, Mayor Dan Horrigan withdrew the proposal.