Summit County Board of Elections

photo of David Bloch, Maria Arnaiz

Thousands of people cast their ballots early over the weekend at the Summit County Board of Elections, where officials predict turnout will be higher than the last two midterm elections.

More than 13,000 people have voted early or absentee in Summit County, and Board of Elections records show that’s almost triple the amount that did so in 2014.

William Rich at the podium flanked by Mayors Horrigan, Kline, Walters, Akron Council President Summereville, Mayor Adamson and County Exdcutive Shapiro

The idea of moving Summit County’s primary election from September to earlier in the year is running into some opposition in Akron City Council. 

A week ago, the mayors of Akron and four nearby cities along with the county executive called for holding the local primary the same day as the state primary in May.

But Akron City Council member Bruce Kilby says that would hurt political newcomers and candidates without their party's backing.

City and County leaders meet

This could be the last year that Summit County holds its primary election on a different day from the state’s.

The mayors of five Summit County cities and the county executive want to move the local primary to May to coincide with the state’s.

Deputy County Elections Director Paula Sauter says it would save money and make absentee voting easier for on-duty military personnel.