Suicide Prevention

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Here are your morning headlines for Friday, Oct. 4:

photo of Ohio Senate

The Senate budget that was passed unanimously this week does not include $36 million that mental health and suicide prevention advocates were hoping would be restored. The money would have been split between treatment and prevention for kids and anti-stigma multimedia campaigns.

A photo of a store it safe billboard

Billboards in Akron are encouraging residents to lock up firearms, medication and alcohol to prevent suicides. The seven billboards depict the items locked behind a padlock.

The campaign is called “Store It Safe” and is a partnership between Akron Children’s Hospital and the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP).

Photo of the Stark County Courthouse

Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, October 16:


The Ohio Board of Education is moving forward with the creation of statewide guidelines around the social and emotional learning of students. The Board voted Tuesday to create an advisory group to write standards for Ohio classrooms. Board Member Stephanie Dodd says the standards will serve as a central resource for teachers and administrators. They’ll focus on the age appropriate ways to teach children about tough topics like drug addiction, suicide prevention and bullying. 

Perry High School, Stark County
Perry Local Schools website

At least 12 Stark County teens have died by suicide since last August. At the request of state and local health officials, a special team of investigators from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has arrived to look into why. 

Stark County Health Commissioner Kirk Norris says the CDC has been conducting an on-going study of teen suicide around the country.

Ohio School District Warns of Dangerous Social Media Game

Feb 3, 2018
Picture of elementary school classroom

The Massillon City School District is warning about a dangerous social media game called the "Blue Whale Challenge."

The game recruits players through social media and once they download the app, they are put through 50 challenges.

With each completed challenge, the risks become more severe. After the player completes all the challenges, they are told to kill themselves if they want to win the game.

If a player tries to withdraw, the game’s developers either try to blackmail or threaten them.

Anthony Anderson and Tom Voss from the documentary “Almost Sunrise”
“Almost Sunrise”)

In July, a northeast Ohio man killed himself inside the Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic in Warren, while he was there for an appointment. His wife says he was a 23-year veteran of the Air Force Reserves who suffered with post-traumatic stress disorder.

There are concerns for the 850,000 veterans in Ohio, some of whom are struggling with PTSD as well. Ohio Public Radio’s Andy Chow reports a new documentary hopes to bring attention to the issue and help to those who need it.

Photo of Denise Meine-Graham, mother of son who died by suicide

The state is rolling out a ramped-up suicide prevention initiative, which takes on the issue from several angles, including raising awareness and training.

The $2 million effort expands intervention access for college students, raises awareness about the signs of possible suicide, and creates a crisis hotline.

Denise Meine-Graham of Worthington shared her son’s story. He died by suicide in 2012. She says there’s a very important step for friends and family to take when they think a loved one might be thinking about suicide.