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Cleveland Clinic researchers are reporting in a new study that suicide-related emergency room visits have fallen during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Clinic’s Director of Operations and Quality Improvement Officer for Emergency Services is Dr. Baruch Fertel. He says, compared to last year, psychiatric visits are down 28 percent, and visits related to suicide are down 60 percent. He says the reason could be that many people are putting off care.

Bar graph showing the increase in suicide rates between 2007-2018.

Suicide rates are increasing in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Health says they’re trying to understand why.  

The Ohio Department of Health says five people die by suicide in Ohio every day, and the suicide rate has soared 45 percent in the past decade. The rate for adults over 65 is up nearly 50 percent, and for children up to age 24 it’s increased by 64 percent. Suicide is the leading cause of death among kids 10-to-14. And agency Medical Director Dr. Mark Hurst says authorities don’t know why.

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A national report ranks Ohio in the bottom half in the country for the health of women, infants and children.

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Summit County Councilman David Hamilton

A commission appointed to study ways to make the Summit County jail safer has released its report.  Its recommendations include adding staff, improving officer training, and installing new surveillance equipment.

The report Monday to County Council calls for significant spending to improve jail operations.  But it concludes that  can be accomplished without raising taxes. The money will be shifted from lower priority items in the sheriff’s department’s annual $30 million budget.  

Bill Hanna / Perry Strong

A student support group in Stark County called Perry Strong is hosting a free suicide prevention training at Stark State College.

The group formed in response to the number of youth suicides in the area. Last year 70 people died by suicide in Stark County, according to the Stark County Coroner’s Office.

At the training, a college counselor will use a technique called QPR, which stands for question, persuade and refer. Perry Strong is encouraging faculty, students and parents of high school and middle school students to attend.

Perry High School, Stark County
Perry Local Schools website

At least 12 Stark County teens have died by suicide since last August. At the request of state and local health officials, a special team of investigators from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has arrived to look into why. 

Stark County Health Commissioner Kirk Norris says the CDC has been conducting an on-going study of teen suicide around the country.

Ohio School District Warns of Dangerous Social Media Game

Feb 3, 2018
Picture of elementary school classroom

The Massillon City School District is warning about a dangerous social media game called the "Blue Whale Challenge."

The game recruits players through social media and once they download the app, they are put through 50 challenges.

With each completed challenge, the risks become more severe. After the player completes all the challenges, they are told to kill themselves if they want to win the game.

If a player tries to withdraw, the game’s developers either try to blackmail or threaten them.


Ohio State's former football coach Jim Tressel is among those who are talking about suicide and what the state is doing to prevent it.

Republican State Representative Marlene Anielski says one Ohioan commits suicide every five hours. She says it’s the leading cause of death for 10- to 14-year-olds, and the second leading cause of death for 15- to 35-year-olds in Ohio. Jim Tressel, now the president of Youngstown State University, says college students who need help can find it on campuses statewide.

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A handful of parents and others were demonstrating outside the elementary school attended by an 8-year-old Ohio boy who killed himself days after he was knocked unconscious. Cincinnati Public School District released video of the encounter Friday afternoon.

ADAMHS Board of Cuyahgoa County

According to a new federal survey, a larger portion of Cleveland Metropolitan School District high school students attempt suicide than in many other major city school systems.  

Photo of Denise Meine-Graham, mother of son who died by suicide

The state is rolling out a ramped-up suicide prevention initiative, which takes on the issue from several angles, including raising awareness and training.

The $2 million effort expands intervention access for college students, raises awareness about the signs of possible suicide, and creates a crisis hotline.

Denise Meine-Graham of Worthington shared her son’s story. He died by suicide in 2012. She says there’s a very important step for friends and family to take when they think a loved one might be thinking about suicide.