A photo of rings from a neutron star's flare.

Scientists have spent centuries studying how matter works. They’ve boiled it, they’ve frozen it, and they’ve even thrown it into particle colliders and smashed it up. They’ve learned a lot about what matter does in these conditions, but--that’s just what we can do on Earth.

“A neutron star is basically the densest object aside from a black hole. When they collide, the matter itself is deformed in such a way that we can probe densities inaccessible to laboratories on Earth,” Leslie Wade said.

The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center is expanding thanks to a $3 million grant from the state Attorney General’s office.

The center provides community outreach, sexual abuse services on college campuses, and a 24-hour hotline.

The center’s president Sondra Miller says that the next step is to branch out from Cleveland and create a regional office in Westlake.