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Posting content related to suicide is an indicator that young people might be thinking about suicide, according to a recent study.

Researchers anonymously surveyed 15,000 middle and high school students in the Stark County area, which recently experienced a rapid increase in youth suicides between August 2017 and March 2018.

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Martin Luther King Jr.

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Lake Erie

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How is personalized news (social media, cable networks, etc.) changing our roles as citizens? Michael Beam, Ph.D.  is an Assistant Professor in the School of Communication Studies at Kent State University.

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Federal Judge Sentences Former Kent State Professor

Sep 26, 2018

A former Kent State history professor will spend months behind bars.

Julio Pino pleaded guilty in April to one count of lying to the FBI.

A federal judge sentenced him Wednesday to five months in prison and five months on house arrest.

He’ll also spend three years on probation and could have his internet access restricted.

The charge against Pino stems from an investigation into threats made on social media toward a judge in St. Louis. Pino denied knowing the person on social media despite making comments on his posts.  

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See WKSU First on Facebook

Feb 27, 2018

Because of recent changes at Facebook, you may not see WKSU posts in your newsfeed as often - even if you have liked and are following WKSU.FM on Facebook.

To always see the latest news reports and station information, you can go to WKSU's Facebook page and click "See First" under the Following tab (see the first graphic above). This action will put WKSU stories at the top of your queue when they are posted. 

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Chance York, Ph.D. is an assistant professor at Kent State’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. York conducts research that speaks to a possible link between social media habits and one’s genetics.  

Ohio School District Warns of Dangerous Social Media Game

Feb 3, 2018
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The Massillon City School District is warning about a dangerous social media game called the "Blue Whale Challenge."

The game recruits players through social media and once they download the app, they are put through 50 challenges.

With each completed challenge, the risks become more severe. After the player completes all the challenges, they are told to kill themselves if they want to win the game.

If a player tries to withdraw, the game’s developers either try to blackmail or threaten them.

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When elected office holders run a campaign, they are required by law to keep their campaign staff and messages separate from their official communications. Elected officials who are running for governor next year are handling their social media in different ways – some creating totally new accounts. But some aren’t separating them at all.

Calvin Williams at the press conference announcing Steve Stephens death

The three-day search for Steve Stephens ended this  morning with Stephens allegedly killing himself after a brief pursuit by Pennsylvania State Police near Erie, Pa.. Stephens was accused of randomly shooting and killing an elderly Cleveland man on Easter Sunday and posting the gruesome video on Facebook. His post included a rambling statement about his gambling debts and other ways his life was falling apart. 

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his thoughts are with the family of 74-year-old Robert Godwin, the man killed Sunday afternoon on Cleveland’s east side. 


Nearly 90 percent of Americans are online. About three-fourths of adults use social media, and that number is higher for teens and young adults. It's a monumental societal change that we're still coming to grips with.

In this week's Exploradio, WKSU's Jeff St.Clair talks with local researchers who are exploring the hazards of screen time.


Gov. John Kasich has not yet signed thebill  that would require the posting of a cash bond by those asking for court orders to keep polls open late. 

Kasich says he doesn’t want a situation where judges order polls to be open late based on something that’s on social media. But when it comes to requiring voters to post a bond to pay pollworker overtime costs before a judge could order polls to stay open late, Kasich says he’s not sure that’s necessary.