Snow plows

photo of car stuck in snow

The City of Akron’s efforts to plow after last weekend’s snowstorm are drawing criticism from some residents – and prompting the city to apologize. 

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An Ohio bill would allow for the sale of fracking brine to be used in snow and ice removal. But some alternatives are being discussed at a symposium in Cleveland this week.

In recent years, many cities have mixed brine with road salt to lower the melting temperature of snow and ice. H.B. 393 would allow one of the byproducts from fracking to be used for that purpose.

photo of snow plow

State road crews have been out in force since before the storm started Friday.

Ohio Department of Transportation spokesman Matt Bruning says 1,300 snow plows and 3,000 employees were out working on roads before and as the snow and ice storm began. He says this kind of storm is the most difficult for ODOT.

State Snow Plows
Ohio Department of Transportation

Ohio’s Department of Transportation is bracing for another round of snow and ice. ODOT Director Jerry Wray says the agency has a new system that tracks its more than 1,600 plow trucks in real time, to clear roads as soon as possible.

“We will have every mile of priority roads back to their average operating speed within two hours of the time the storm stops. And around the state for the last several years, we’ve done that 98 percent of the time.”

State Snow Plows
Ohio Department of Transportation

It may be the middle of Summer, but the snow plows are out in Cleveland.  For the four days of the Republican National Convention Ohio’s Department of Transportation is decking out its big maintenance trucks in the area with their winter road-clearing gear. 

During busy public events, road obstructions like downed limbs, rubber chunks from tires, and debris from accidents can snarl already heavy traffic; and cause more accidents.