Sierjie Lash

Akron General emergency department

The coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetime. As a society, our reactions are mostly based on our emotions – worry about family and friends, fear for our jobs and anxiety over the long-term impact on our community.

But for healthcare workers who are used to dealing in facts, coronavirus is a battle against the unknown.

fitness center building
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In the lead-up to the projected peak of coronavirus cases in Ohio, Akron’s safety forces are preparing. The city established a temporary self-quarantine facility for all its safety workers at the city-owned Balch Street Fitness Center.

City workers, from firefighters and cops to dispatchers and call center workers, can use the gym if they test positive for COVID-19. The facility has sleeping quarters, showers and a kitchen.

Kymera Cody

Officials in Akron continue to investigate a fire that claimed two young girls over the weekend, and to evaluate its fire-safety awareness programs for school children.

Seventh-grader Jada Snowden and kindergartner Kymeria Cody were alive but unresponsive when they were rescued Thursday night from a house fire on Seward Avenue. They died over the weekend.