Shuffle: Musician-Turned-Audiologist is Changing the Tune About Hearing Wellness

Oct 11, 2018
Amanda Rabinowitz / WKSU

Musician-turned-audiologist Heather Malyuk is a trained fiddle and guitar player based in Streetsboro, who owns and operates a mobile hearing wellness business. She's one of only a handful of audiologists in the country who specializes in this type of wellness for the professional music industry.

Leandra Drumm

A new music and art collaboration brings to life the history of the Ohio and Erie Canal. Laurie Caner of folk band Hey Mavis and Akron artist Leandra Drumm have just finished their CD and book project, Silver Ribbon Dream.

Caner became inspired to learn about the canal while Hey Mavis were artists-in-residence at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park about a decade ago. The band includes her husband, Ed. They lived in the park with their children. 

Indie rockers Stems has described its sound as “future past,” or what one would hear on an oldies station decades from now. Or, perhaps, if they hopped in a DeLorean back in the 1980s and imagined what they perceived music of the 2000s to sound like.  


It’s fitting, then, that members Justin Seeker, Joshua Weiss, Michael Voris and Joel McAdams decided to debut their new release, "Your Sullen Ways are Getting Boring",  on cassette tape.  


Popular orchestral rock band Seafair is back together and releasing new music. The Cleveland band that formed in 2012 split up in 2016. Late last year, they announced they were reuniting.

Seafair vocalist Chayla Hope said the band got caught up trying to make it big.

“It just got really business-y,” Hope said. “That was a really big struggle for all of us because almost every single person in the band has wanted to make it since they were pretty young.”

Bradley Atom

Four-piece rock outfit Ottawa has kept busy the last five years making memorable tunes with an appeal far beyond its Cleveland home. Over the summer, the band released a string of singles that blend gritty garage rock with pop melodies. They've been making the rounds across Northeast Ohio venues to debut the new material.