Senator Stephanie Kunze

photo of Mike DeWine

Victims of sexual assault may soon have a new way to find out the status and location of a key piece of evidence in their cases instantly and anonymously.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says a free online program would allow sexual assault survivors to enter the barcodes on their rape kits to follow them from medical facilities where they’re collected to crime labs where they’re tested to law enforcement for storage or destruction.

Portrait of Stephanie Kunze (R-Hilliard)

A central Ohio lawmaker wants to try again to make tougher penalties for violent assaults of strangulation. She believes this could lead to fewer domestic violence deaths.

The proposal would add strangulation as part of the felony assault code, which means more jail time. Senator Stephanie Kunze of Hilliard says right now a person could serve a max of 10 days in jail for strangling someone.