Say Yes Cleveland

It's getting to be back-to-school time and recent graduates of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District  (CMSD) will begin their freshman year at college with the first round of funding from a new tuition assistance program.

For some, one big  reason they will be able to purse post-secondary education is the "Say Yes to Education" program. This is the first year Say Yes is providing tuition assistance to CMSD graduates.

A photo of a drawstring bag marked with Say Yes Buffalo

Beginning February 4th, students from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District will be able to apply for college scholarships through "Say Yes Cleveland," a new effort to ensure all city students have the opportunity for post-secondary education. Cleveland is the fourth community wide chapter of the New York City-based "Say Yes to Education." One of the other chapters is in Buffalo.

Thousands of high school graduates in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District could receive scholarships for college or vocational training thanks to a multi-million dollar program announced Friday.