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Ohio is one of 11 states that have joined a lawsuit to reinstate President Donald Trump’s executive order threatening federal funding cuts to so-called “sanctuary cities."

Leonora Garcia

Three churches in Ohio are among the dozens nationwide who are openly providing sanctuary to undocumented immigrants who face deportation. This weekend, the Beacon Journal’s Doug Livingston profiled two of those churches – one in Akron and one in Cleveland Heights. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze spoke with Livingston about the sanctuary church movement and the differences between it and higher profile – and more controversial -- “sanctuary cities.”

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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued an ultimatum to so-called sanctuary cities and states, either work with the federal immigration enforcement or lose grant funding. Democrats in the Ohio House aren’t budging.

Several cities, including Columbus and Cincinati, have said they will not dedicate local law enforcement resources to carry out immigration laws for federal agencies.

Democratic Rep. Dan Ramos of Lorain, who’s working on a bill that would make that a statewide initiative, says President Donald Trump should worry about enforcing immigration laws on his end.

John Kasich

There were a lot of topics covered by Gov. John Kasich in a speech to a group of newspaper executives and editors today. He focused mostly on his budget, but also some other hot topics including whom he wants to see replace him in 2018. 

Kasich was asked how half of Ohio’s school districts -- which would lose money under his two-year budget -- should handle those cuts. He said for a specific district, he would want to know if the district was losing students. If so, he said, it probably should get less money from the state, and turn to local funding sources.

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The fight over how the state should deal with immigration issues has Republicans and Democrats at the Statehouse backing competing bills. And there are the signs the fight will be nasty. 

The lawmaker working on legislation to outlaw sanctuary cities in Ohio is newly elected Republican Rep. Candice Keller. And she’s gotten some high-profile support from state Treasurer Josh Mandel.

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Cincinnati and Columbus are the latest Ohio cities to adopt policies making them sanctuary cities for immigrants and refugees. One state official wants to stop those cities from doing so.

Republican Treasurer Josh Mandel is throwing his support behind a proposed House bill  that bans local governments from declaring themselves “sanctuary cities.” Mandel says this can prevent acts of terror.

“It’s been the exact pattern in cities throughout Europe, and what we’re trying to do here is keep cities in Ohio and cities in America safe from radical Islamists.”

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Both of Ohio’s U.S. Senators are taking issue with President Trump’s executive order on immigration that left many, including some permanent residents with green cards, stranded overseas and in airports over the weekend.

Sanctuary Cities in Ohio May Lose Federal Funds

Jan 26, 2017
Historic Oberlin College Building

Cities like Oberlin, Lorain, and Dayton could be affected by President Trump’s executive order threatening to cut off federal funds to sanctuary cities.