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After less than a year and a handful of transactions, the website that was allowing Ohioans to pay taxes in bitcoin has been shut down by state treasurer Robert Sprague.

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The state is giving farmers another opportunity to apply for loans as they deal with severe weather and flooding that has kept many farmers from planting their crops.

The Ohio Treasurer’s Office is reopening its Ag-LINK program which can grant farmers up to $150,000 in loans.

The program usually operates between January and March, but Treasurer Robert Sprague said this can help those struggling with flooding.

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The state has been allowing people to pay 23 kinds of taxes in the digital currency bitcoin for almost three months, in an effort to establish Ohio as a leader in blockchain technology. 


Former treasurer Josh Mandel announced in November that taxpayers can pay in bitcoin through a third-party vendor.

At an Ohio Associated Press forum, new treasurer Robert Sprague said the state has accepted two transactions so far.

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Here are your morning headlines for Wednesday, November 7:

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The Labor Day weekend is traditionally considered the true start of campaign season. Now that we're past that, the campaigns are intensifying.  It's the time when voters are more likely to pay attention to the choices they will be making in November.

One person who keeps tabs on what’s going on year-round in the world of politics is longtime political watcher and political reporter for WVXU in Cincinnati Howard Wilkinson.

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Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill that supporters hope will save drug users from deadly overdoses.

Republican State Rep. Robert Sprague says often times, people could save lives of overdose victims but don’t because they are afraid they will face prosecution in the process of providing help.

“Eight out of 10 people who use prescription pain killers or overdose from heroin are using with someone else. But eight of out 10 who are found from a drug overdose are found alone.”