Rob Portman on tariffs

photo of Sen. Rob Portman

Ohio Senator Rob Portman is among the Republican senators who oppose President Trump’s plan to impose tariffs on Mexico. President Trump wants the tariffs to sanction Mexico for not helping enough with the immigration crisis. But Portman said the tariffs will hurt the American economy.

Portman hopes the dispute can be resolved Wednesday when the Mexican foreign minister meets with U.S. officials in Washington.  

Senator Portman Expresses Reservations about China Trade Policy

May 15, 2019
a photo of Senator Rob Portman

Ohio Senator Rob Portman gave his thoughts Tuesday on the rising trade tensions between the U.S. and China. Portman said he supports being tough on China, citing reports of intellectual property theft, government subsidies and trade imbalances, but he does have some reservations.

“Where I have concerns is that the escalation of tariffs without an agreement, you know will hurt our economy, and jobs, and wages, and everything else, but I think we need to try to use tariffs just as a tactic to get to an agreement, and not as an endgame.”

Lee Ohanian, economist
Lee Ohanian

Northeast Ohio continues to feel the effects of the Trump Administration’s tariffs and the retaliatory tariffs those have brought. 

Two months ago $12.6 billion in Canadian tariffs on U.S. imports went into effect in response to new U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum. And that will impact Ohio manufacturers directly.