This is Akron: Annual Poll Spotlights Top Issues This Election Year

Mar 17, 2019
photo of Akron resident
Mike Cardew / Akron Beacon Journal/

What’s the matter with Akron?


“I think here where I work it’s probably the crime and then — second — the roads,” Rebecca Atkinson said with a disconcerted laugh. The manager of Maple Valley Cleaners on Copley Road recently moved from a West Akron apartment to a "more residential area" in Firestone Park, where it’s “a little quieter” and fewer people rent.


In her 18 years on the job, she’s watched robberies rise and business decline. “It’s slowly slipping away,” she said.


A photo of road barricades.

More than 70 roads throughout the state are closed right now due to flooding in low lying areas. 

ODOT spokesman Matt Bruning says melting snow and heavy rains have resulted in flooded roads. And he says the situation could get worse before it gets better.

“Those areas that usually flood pretty quickly when we get heavy rain, we are seeing water go down. But as you get closer to the Scioto River and the Ohio River – those are still coming up.”  

Survey Shows Ohio's Roads Are Getting Worse

Feb 9, 2018
Ohio is "Average."
Reason Foundation

An annual survey of the nation’s highways finds that Ohio’s roads are getting worse. The report from the Reason Foundation shows that overall, Ohio slipped from ninth to 26th.

The drop is in part due to new information on the condition of the state’s bridges as well as worsening road conditions despite an increase in spending


A group of lawmakers is looking into where Ohio is falling short when it comes to repairing roads and bridges, and how to bring in more money. 

Twenty eight cents from every gallon of gas sold goes to the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Grace Gallucci of the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency says urban areas are having a tough time funding local road improvement projects and even more of that fuel tax revenue should go to Cuyahoga, Franklin and Hamilton counties.