Revere High School

A photo of Mike Kahoe outside the polling station holding a campaign sign.

One of the new members of Revere Local Schools Board of Education is also a high school senior.

Mike Kahoe turned 18 on Oct. 10. On Tuesday, he was elected to the school board. He says this makes him the youngest elected official currently serving in Ohio.

Kahoe says his age may have been a barrier to overcome on the campaign trail, but that it’s a benefit on the board.

photo of Concourse D

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Hudson Middle School has launched a group called Rachel’s Angels in an effort to spread awareness of the dangers of drug use.

The group is named after 17-year old Rachel DeMaio, a student at Woodridge High School in Peninsula, who died last fall after overdosing on carfentanil.

Assistant Principle Karen Weber says her daughter was friends with DeMaio. She says the goal of Rachel’s Angels is to provide help in preventing drug use.