Rep. Rick Carfagna

photo of Rick Carfagna

Parents of children in Ohio daycares sometimes don’t know when unsafe behavior is happening in those facilities. But a bill that’s working its way through the state legislature is designed to change that.

The bill by Republican Rep. Rick Carfagna is named “Chase’s Law” after a two-year-old who was left behind on a field trip by his caretakers. He was found safe, but the daycare did not inform his parents or the state until three days later. And Carfagna says the other parents with children in the daycare didn’t know either.

photo of computer

Six states have adopted computer science standards for schools. A pair of suburban Columbus Republican lawmakers want Ohio to be next, but they don’t want schools to be mandated to use them.

The bill from Reps. Rick Carfagna and Mike Duffey would order the state school board to work with teachers, businesses and technology professionals to develop and adopt computer science standards by July 2018, but Carfagna says they won’t be requirements.