Rep. Niraj Antani


Once again, a proposal to eliminate sales tax on feminine hygiene products has resurfaced in the Ohio Legislature. But this time, it has bi-partisan co-sponsors. And it has a companion bill that goes one step further.

Republican Rep. Niraj Antani from Miamisburg is co-sponsoring the bill that makes tampons and sanitary pads tax free. In the last legislature, it was proposed by Democrats and didn’t make it through the legislative process.

a photo of a dog being aggressive

Disclaimer: This story details vicious dog attacks and the injuries caused.

A bill that would create tougher regulations on vicious dog owners is making a return in the General Assembly. The bill has spent years in limbo, but the new sponsor says dog attacks are a widespread problem that must be taken seriously.

Samantha Phillips of Vienna recalled the pain and shock she felt when two dogs got loose last June and attacked her and her mother.

photo of classroom

Some schools throughout Ohio were closed Wednesday due to heat. And state lawmakers are considering ideas to help students beat the heat.

Before air conditioning became common, many K-12 students went back to school after Labor Day. There are bills in the Ohio House and Senate to allow or mandate districts to do that. 

Niraj Antani

A Republican state lawmaker who backed a failed attempt to overturn a county tax levy wants to make it tougher for counties to raise taxes.

Opponents of a sales tax increase on Montgomery County tried and failed to take a repeal to the ballot. So Rep. Niraj Antani said he’s proposing a bill requiring county commissioners get voter approval to raise taxes in the first place.

He said he's against all tax increases, and the measure is about "empowering people" to exercise their will.

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County commissioners are firing back at a proposal coming next week from a Republican state lawmaker that would restrict their legal power to raise county sales taxes.

Republican Rep. Niraj Antani’s bill would require commissioners to put a county sales tax increase before voters, as schools and municipalities do, and only in a primary or general election of an even numbered year. 

Photo of Republican Niraj Antani

A new bill would require health classes in Ohio cover fetal development and offer students information on where they can find prenatal care. But it doesn’t include other related information.

Republican Rep. Niraj Antani’s “Unborn Child Development Education Act” would require high school students to be taught about development of fetuses, "including what happens when the unborn child is in the womb and what happens during an abortion," Antani says. 

photo of Niraj Antani

An Ohio lawmaker wants the state to take tougher action when a person on parole fails a random drug test. The proposal is meant to act as an intervention for addicts.

Under the proposed House bill, a person on parole or under community control would automatically go back to jail if they test positive for heroin, fentanyl or carfentanil.

The bill would also allow the option for treatment rather than jail time.

The emergence of police body cameras has caused several communities to resolve their own questions about what is and is not public record. Lawmakers are introducing a bipartisan bill to provide a final answer.

The bill creates several exceptions to public records laws for body cameras, such as if the video shows inside a private home, private business, or shows the victim of a sex crime.

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