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Here are your morning headlines for Monday, August 26:

natural gas drilling rig

Encino Energy is continuing to ramp up staffing at its new headquarters in Stark County. 

Encino is a natural gas and oil acquistion and development company created by a group of successful former executives of other major gas & oil corporations. Late last year it made a multi-billion dollar deal to get the Ohio holdings of Chesapeake Energy, the original leader in the Utica Shale development.

NEXUS construction
Enbridge, Inc. (parent firm of NEXUS) / Enbridge.com

The NEXUS pipeline is beginning to carry natural gas through parts of Summit County. With that in mind the county is working to be better prepared for potential leaks, accidents, or other problems.

Council passed an ordinance authorizing some of the tax dollars coming into the county from NEXUS to be earmarked for training and equipment.  Councilwoman Gloria Rodgers in on the Public Works Committee. “There’s about four million dollars in taxes dispersed among the communities. The County’s share is a hundred thousand.”

photo of Pipeline

Here are your morning headlines for Thursday, July 19:

Photo of the Stark County Courthouse

Here are your morning headlines for Wednesday, June 20:

Kevin McIntyre newly appointed Chairman of The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

The final say on building interstate pipelines, like the controversial NEXUS and ROVER natural gas lines across northern Ohio, rests with FERC—the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  And it’s newly appointed chairman has come on board saying it’s time to review the agency’s pipeline policies. WKSU's Tim Rudell reports.

Kevin McIntyre announced the review at his first meeting as Chairman of FERC.  Noting that the last review was in 1999, he said a fresh look at all issues is needed. 

FERC Has Two New Commissioners

Aug 5, 2017
Alan Wenger

The Senate has confirmed Trump Administration nominees to fill two of four vacant seats on Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. That gives FERC enough members for a quorum--meaning it can to do official business again.  Resignations, term expirations and an appointment backlog at the White House left FERC with too few members for major action for six months.

Pipeline under construction
Tim Rudell / WKSU

After a decade of urging by environmentalists, many banks now have social responsibility  policies for lending, including US Bank. It just modified its policy to put a prominent industry in northeast Ohio on the restricted list.

The bank amended its policy last month to state it "does not provide project financing for the construction of oil or natural gas pipelines. Relationships with clients in the oil and gas pipeline industries are subject to the Bank's enhanced due diligence."

photo of pipeline

Cleanup is under way in Stark County where millions of gallons of drilling material spilled into a wetland during the construction of a natural gas pipeline.

The pipeline construction crew shot 2 million gallons of drilling mud shot into a wetland.

Ohio Oil and Gas Association’s Shawn Bennett assures that the mud, which is used to borrow a hole for the pipe, does not pose a public health risk.

photo of Amy Breedon

There will be protests across the country tomorrow over the Dakota Access pipeline. WKSU's Kabir Bhatia reports on one scheduled for 4 p.m. in Northeast Ohio.

Allen Fore VP of Communications, Kinder Morgan, Inc.
Tim Rudell / WKSU

The proposed Utopia East ethane pipeline across northern Ohio will boost the regional economy by a $300 million, according to an economic impact study released this week.

Backers say the prediction is likely to hold up because the pipeline’s content is insulated against the turmoil in the world’s oil and gas markets.

Public Comment Sought on Nexus Pipeline Route

Aug 15, 2016
photo of Natural Gas Pipeline

Meetings that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission are now using to gather public comment on the controversial Nexus natural gas pipeline project in northern Ohio are themselves drawing controversy. 

Diagram of a compressor

The Ohio EPA has scheduled a public information meeting and hearing in Wadsworth to examine an especially controversial part of the NEXUS pipeline project. 

The session has to do with plans for a natural-gas compressor station near Wadsworth to boost flow in the proposed NEXUS pipeline across northern Ohio. Such stations typically occupy 20 acres or more and raise concerns about emissions and environmental impact on nearby areas.