The difference between an animal assistant and a pet is an increasing concern for landlords in Ohio and the rest of the country. It was a big part of the discussion of fair-housing law at a conference of hundreds of landlords in Akron this past weekend.

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A new report finds the veterinary industry directly contributes $2.4 billion to Ohio’s economy and contributes as much as $13 billion when indirect costs are added.

The findings by the Ohio Veterinary Medicine Association also show vet service jobs increased 15.5 percent from 2007-2015. The association’s executive director, Jack Advent, says the numbers prove that vets help more than cats and dogs in the state.

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About three-dozen pets from Florida are now being offered for adoption in Cleveland after arriving this weekend before Hurricane Irma.

The dogs and cats from West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale were in the path of the storm when they were flown to Columbus. They arrived early yesterday morning at the Cleveland Animal Protective League and are being offered for adoption.

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A new Ohio law will give immunity to people who rescue pets and kids from hot cars. 

Police Capt. Jim Coey recently got a report of a dog that had been left inside a car at the local canoe livery in Loudonville.

“The dog was starting to get in a bad way. He had crawled up to the front of the car and was down under the brake pedal in the front driver’s side of the car. We got concerned about that so we went ahead and broke a window out and got the dog out, got him some water. He came around pretty quick. He was pretty hot and pretty distressed at that point.”

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The Ohio House of Representatives

The Ohio House has passed a bill to help pets who need emergency medical care. 

Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles explains.

It’s rare that the House votes unanimously for anything, but lawmakers all agreed on this bill. Its sponsor, Republican Rep. Tim Ginter, says the legislation allows emergency medical personnel to provide treatment to animals.